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  • February 07, 2017

Supporting Local Food and Beverage Businesses

Ontario and Canada Boosting Growth in Ontario’s Food and Beverage Industry The provincial and federal governments are supporting Ontario’s food and beverage processing sector by helping local businesses expand production, meet consumer demand

The provincial and federal governments are supporting Ontario’s food and beverage processing sector by helping local businesses expand production, meet consumer demand and create good jobs. 

Kevin Flynn, MPP for Oakville and John Oliver, MP for Oakville made the announcement today at Reunion Island Coffee Ltd. in Oakville. This support has allowed the coffee roaster to purchase and install new packaging equipment, increasing productivity and leveraging innovation to grow their business and the local economy. 

Reunion Island Coffee Ltd. is one of 223 Growing Forward 2 recipients across Ontario. The program helps create good jobs and supports food processors to develop products that reflect changing market tastes and new opportunities. 

Supporting jobs and growing local businesses in Ontario’s food and beverage industry is part of the provincial government’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.  


“By supporting food and beverage processors in Ontario, we are helping small businesses expand to become more competitive both here at home and abroad. By working together, we will meet the Premier’s Agri-Food Growth Challenge of doubling the sector’s growth and creating 120,000 new jobs by 2020.”

— Jeff Leal, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs  

“By investing in local businesses such as Reunion Island Coffee and Florence Meats, our government is supporting the economic growth in Halton while building up our province’s food and beverage processing sector. I’m pleased to be here at Reunion Island Coffee once again­—a B Corp certified company that not only makes brews a perfect cup but also embodies social responsibility through its fair trade coffee and fair wage for employees. Thanks to this funding, these Oakville companies can continue to be competitive, providing good local jobs and boosting the economy.”

— Kevin Flynn, MPP for Oakville 

“Supporting these local companies, Reunion Island Coffee and Florence Meats Supplies, through the Growing Forward 2 investment reflects our government’s commitment to working with our provincial partners with the continued investment in our local food and beverage businesses. These investments will continue to support how we innovate the way we do business, increase productivity as well as further the ability to keep and hire skilled workers."

John Oliver, MP for Oakville 

“Thanks to funding provided by the federal and provincial governments in the Growing Forward 2 program, we have been able to modernize our plant with state-of-the-art packaging equipment. This will enable us to increase productivity and efficiency, and get our coffee into the hands of our growing customer base across Canada and around the world.”

Adam Pesce, Director of Coffee, Reunion Island Coffee 

“The funding available through Growing Forward 2 has allowed us to expand our facility to increase production, revenue and jobs. We are grateful for this opportunity!”

— Carol Goriup, Owner, Florence Meats  


  • The food and beverage processing industry employs 246,000 Canadians – the largest manufacturing employer in Canada.
  • The provincial and federal governments are investing approximately $11.7 million towards 223 projects across the province.
  • Approximately $175,000 has been invested in two projects across Oakville:
    • Reunion Island Coffee Ltd. in Oakville received  $100,000 to purchase and install new packaging equipment.
    • Florence Meat Supplies Limited in Oakville received up to $75,000 to purchase production equipment and complete facility upgrades to help segregate high risk Ready To Eat production.
      • Growing Forward 2 was launched in 2013 and is a five-year commitment by Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments to support Canada's agri-food and agri-based products sector.


Growing Forward 2 in Ontario

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