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  • November 20, 2012

Ontario Continues to Grow the Greenbelt

McGuinty Government Proposing Protection for Urban River Valleys, Glenorchy Lands


November 20, 2012

Ontario is taking steps to expand the Greenbelt to protect more green space across the province.

Public consultation meetings will start in December on adding the Glenorchy lands in Oakville to the Greenbelt. These lands would be protected to prevent development so future generations can enjoy them.

Ontario will also hold public consultation meetings on a new Urban River Valley Greenbelt designation that would protect publicly owned lands near urban waterways, such as the Don Humberand Sixteen Mile Creek river valleys.

The Greenbelt is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to permanently protect environmentally-sensitive land and farmland in the Greater Golden Horseshoe for future generations.


 “The Glenorchy lands and our urban river valleys are vital parts of Ontario’s natural environment.  We appreciate the interest municipalities have already shown in protecting and expanding the Greenbelt.  We look forward to working with our municipal partners to permanently protect these publicly owned lands and add them to the Greenbelt.”

— Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

“Preserving our natural environment is extremely important to the residents of Oakville. As Oakville and Halton continue to grow, it is important we maintain our green spaces for future generations.”
— Kevin Flynn, MPP, Oakville

“Growing the Greenbelt is a step in the right direction. Our greenspaces and waterways are coming under greater pressure and must be protected. Future generations will be grateful for the foresight we are showing.” 

— Rick Smith, Environmental Defence


  • The new Urban River Valley designation would provide flexibility for municipalities to protect land in an urban environment.  
  • Ontario has committed to planting twice the number of trees in Glenorchy than originally planned for 2013 under the 50 Million Tree Program.
  • The Greenbelt currently protects 1.8 million acres of agricultural and environmentally sensitive land around the Greater Golden Horseshoe.
  • Research shows that the Greenbelt cleans the province’s air, regulates its water systems, and provides tourism opportunities — all worth $2.6 billion each year.


 Keep up to date on when and where consultation meetings are being held in your community.

 Read about Ontario’s Greenbelt


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