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  • March 23, 2018

Historic Protection of Oakville's Green Space

Protecting Oakville's Deerfield Golf Course and 14 Mile Creek Conservation Lands

MPP Flynn has spent the better part of three decades at two levels of government
diligently protecting Oakville’s green space for future generations. His efforts helped earn
him the Conservation Halton Award of Excellence.

On March 22nd. 2018, Kevin Flynn, MPP for Oakville, announced that the Government of Ontario will
transfer 128 hectares of provincially-held lands to the Town of Oakville contingent on a
commitment to protect green space.

These lands include lands currently leased by the province to the Deerfield Golf Course,
as well as the green space known as the 14 Mile Creek conservation lands. The transfer
of lands to the Town, which is contingent on the protection of recreation and
conservation lands, will ensure the community will be able to continue enjoying its many
benefits, such as hiking and golfing.

The protection of Deerfield and 14 Mile Creek is a commitment MPP Flynn made to the
people of Oakville, and adds to his already strong record on the environment. He
advocated successfully for the protection of more than 600 acres of land at the
Glenorchy Conservation Area, and helped make Oakville the site of the first expansion of
the Greenbelt by adding Glenorchy, as well as Bronte Creek and 16-Mile Creek.

Protecting green space is a part of Ontario’s plan to create fairness and opportunity
during this period of rapid economic change.

Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan



Pdf icon Map of the Protected Merton Lands

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