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  • June 24, 2011

Response to Balsillie Report Released

Action Underway on All Provincial Recommendations

MPP Kevin Flynn reported that the response to the Balsillie Report was released by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and action is underway on all provincial recommendations.

“By taking action on the Balsillie recommendations, the McGuinty government is delivering tangible actions to clean up Oakville’s air today,” said Flynn. “Thanks to the support of the local community, the current government effort to clean up local air quality is unmatched in our history. I look forward to continuing this partnership to ensure cleaner air for generations to come.”

Documents posted on the Ministry of Environment’s website show a list of all 35 of the report’s recommendations and a summary of the province’s actions and response.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing as well as the Ontario Power Authority have work underway to fulfill the AQTF recommendations for the province. Other recommendations are directed to municipalities or industry. Many involve a sharing of responsibilities.

On Jun 24, 2010, the Southwest Greater Toronto Area (SWGTA) Air Quality Task Force (AQTF) provided its report to the Minister of the Environment. The Task Force was created by the Ministry of the Environment and chaired by Jim Balsillie at the urging of Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn and the Oakville community in order to find solutions to help protect local air quality and health.


  • Highlights of some of the actions being undertaken by the government include:
  • Developing a proposal for a new national Air Quality Management System working with the federal government, other provinces and territories;
  • Establishing an Inter-Ministry Action Team;
    ·  Reviewing the current policy framework addressing fine particulate matter (PM2.5);
  • Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on the feasibility of implementing the Air Quality Health Index;
    ·  Improving public transit by introducing the PRESTO integrated transit fare card, increasing parking at GO stations, installing bicycle-carrying racks on GO buses, and equipping GO stations with bicycle storage facilities; and
  • Planting 12,375 trees and 1,460 shrubs along the QEW in the Oakville-Clarkson area.

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